Fees in the year 2022-23 are as follows:
Cambridge Stream
Preschool 1 - 8 9 - 11 12 - 13
Annual Charges --- --- --- ---
Tuition Fee* --- --- --- ---
* includes sports/materials fees.
* includes sports/materials fees.
* includes sports/materials fees.

Tuition fee is applicable 12 months a year and is collected from July to June.

At the time of admission, the school collects an admission fee equal to three months' tuition fees as well as the tuition fee for July. A security deposit of Rs 1,000 is collected every month until the total so collected equals two months' tuition fees.

Please note the higher fees in the higher classes. As students are promoted, fees of the higher classes become applicable. In addition, these fees increase by roughly 10% or above every year.

Sibling Discount
1. A 25% discount is offered on tuition fee to the third sibling onwards. All siblings must be studying at the school to be counted. Accordingly, the sibling discount is provided to the eldest of the siblings.
2. Second siblings onwards enjoy a 50% discount on admission fee.
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
The school runs several financial aid programmes in collaboration with several not-for-profit organisations.

Farnaz Hasan Programme
Students are offered sufficient financial aid every year to ensure their monthly tuition fee does not exceed Rs 1,500/- per month. In addition, no admission fee or security deposit is charged. Some 150 students are currently enrolled in the programme.

The programme is available to students from socio-economic backgrounds where attending Civilizations Public School would otherwise not be seen as an option. The programme is open to new applicants only.

Greenshield Programme
The Greenshield Programme offers a 50% scholarship on all school fees from the time of admission. The programme is available to students who were enrolled in a trust school at the time of their admission at Civilizations. Applicants looking to avail the benefits of this programme must submit the report card and school transfer certificate of the trust school they attended. Last year, 34 school students were enrolled in the programme.

Shah Farooq Programme
The programme offers annual renewable financial aid that is tailored to the specific financial needs of the family. The programme helped 93 students with an annual budget of Rs 4.5 million.
Fee Collection
The school collects fee monthly from July to June. Graduating or parting students in any academic year are required to pay the fee up to July of that academic year.
Monthly invoices are handed to the students from the first of every month. Fee is generally payable by the 10th of every month and with a penalty subsequently. The monthly fee may be paid by the final deadline, failing which the name of the student is struck off the student roll. A readmission fee is payable to regularize the student.
Fee is payable
1. At JS Bank, North Nazimabad Branch (Fee can be paid by cash or cheque).
2. Through kuickpay.com from your smartphone or from any Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).
Late Payment of Fee
1. A Rs 100 penalty is imposed on payment of fee after the due date.
2. Where payment is not made by the validity date of the invoice, fee payable goes into arrears that are charged in the next month's invoice. A penalty of Rs 400 is included.
3. If fee is not paid in two consecutive invoices, the name of the student is taken off the school roll and the transporter informed of such removal.