Registration can be arranged on any day by appointment. Parents may also walk in for registration between 12 noon and 2 pm on Mondays and between 11.20 am and 1 pm on Fridays
The following documents are required at registration:

1. Copy of either the applicant's Form B or birth certificate issued by NADRA
2. Copies of NICs of both parents
3. Passport-sized photograph of applicant
4. Family photograph (parents and all siblings)
5. Copy of the last term report of the current school of the applicant
6. Copies of the latest paid fee invoices of the current school

A school transfer certificate is required to be submitted before the date of joining the school.

A registration fee of Rs 1,500/- is charged at registration and admission test/interview date is provided at this time.
Admission test
Admission tests are carried out on pre-announced dates at 11.30 am.
Applicants are interviewed along with both of their parents in the days subsequent to the admission test.
Admission Decision
The admission decision is conveyed by phone 9 days after the admission test.
Documentation and payment
Parents are required to complete the documentation and payment on the Saturday following the date on which the decision is conveyed. Documentation and payment is carried out only on Saturdays and on no other day. Failure to submit documentation and fee on this day results in the seat being offered to another applicant.
Parents handed an admission offer at this stage. They are required to pay the admission invoice and purchase the books and uniform items on this day.
Books & Notebooks
The school supplies the notebooks to the students during their first week at school. Textbooks are to be purchased from the market. A booklist is provided here.
First day of school
Newly admitted students must report to the school reception at 11 am on the Monday following their admission test. Reporting students must be in full school uniform, failing which they will be welcomed to school on the subsequent Monday.
Students are handed relevant material (notebooks, certain textbooks and, in certain cases, stationery items) before they proceed to class.