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    The Next Wave of

    Civilizations Public School was established to produce the city’s future leaders. Accordingly, it aims to provide a wide-ranging experience to its students; and develop very specific skills required for leadership.

    Civilizations is a transformative school. It takes students from diverse financial and ethnic backgrounds, and of diverse abilities, through to a common standard: it produces well-rounded, confident, curious and fully multilingual students who regard the world (and a fast changing one) as their playground.year for students to take part in these activities.

    Curricular & Co-Curricular

    Students need acres of space to grow into leaders. They need fields and courts for organized sports, halls for performances, libraries for reading and studios for art and music. Civilizations Public School offers the campus, facilities and activities for just such an experience. For its mission is to produce the next wave of leadership.


    Organised sport builds leadership, teamwork and emotional intelligence. Children study better after play. At Civilizations, sports is organised on dedicated fields and courts and supervised by 11 specialised coaches.


    Debates, elocutions and singing to an audience builds confidence. Eye-contact with the listeners develops life-long communication skills. And the applause echoes in the ears for years. At Civilizations, students get repeated speaking opportunities every year.

    German Program

    University education is free in Germany. Civilizations offers a country-leading German language programme to ensure its students qualify for German universities. In collaboration with Goethe Institut, a handful of students proceed annually to youth camps in Germany free of cost.


    Students get multiple acting opportunities every year at Civilizations’ two open-air theatres. Over a hundred plays and skits are presented annually to large audiences of students and parents. Each Civilizations student has performed to a capacity crowd.

    The Campus

    Three acres of lovely parkland, sports fields, courts and open-air theatres. A secure, in-campus pick n drop. The school is blessed with an extraordinary, purpose-built campus, hidden in the midst of a secure neighbourhood.

    Parents Speak

    • Saniya Zuberi
      I have found students from the school to be smart, curious and knowledgeable. As I live right next door, I have watched the school develop over the years to be one of the leading schools in Karachi. The school has answered my requirements for a school to not only be child-friendly and dynamic, but also one that produces good human beings. I have admitted my child here. My experience so far has confirmed my earlier assessment of the school.
      Saniya Zuberi
    • Jazib Alam
      Four of my children have studied at Civilizations. One of them was recently elected vice president of the student union at Habib University. The credit for the development of her personality, her ambition and indeed the scholarship awarded to her university goes to the school. Another of my daughters recently performed a role in the school's play and has gained all her confidence at the school. The school takes remarkable ownership of its students. It is a happy and fun place and yet it does not let its students loose their ambition.
      Jazib Alam
    • Farhan Mahmood
      I have never met anyone who takes such ownership of the students and their careers as does the management of Civilizations.
      Farhan Mahmood

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