Civilizations was established to produce the city’s future leaders. Accordingly, it aims to provide a wide-ranging experience to its students; and develop very specific skills required for leadership.

Civilizations requires its students to matriculate in 12 subjects ranging from German language to Additional Mathematics to History; it ensures each student is coached in sports ranging from rollerblading to Gymnastics to Tai’chi. Every student, at some point, takes up every sport on offer.

Theater and debate are recognized as key skills for leadership development. Accordingly, the school provides multiple opportunities every year for students to take part in these activities.

Finally, in order to help the students cope with the multiple challenges at the school, Civilizations limits class sizes to lower twenties.

Civilizations is a taxing and expensive school. We believe that our children require this investment in order to produce the enlightened leadership of the future.

This website provides information for parents and students wishing to enroll at the school. Parents are expected to have read through this website before they arrive for interviews. Visitors are welcome by prior appointment, obtainable at 0317 111 2484. For a route map to Civilizations, please click here.

Students looking for news and updates about the campus are advised to visit our Facebook page.