Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I obtain a transfer certificate?
1. Applications for exit from the school are accepted on a pre-printed form that can be obtained at the reception.
2. The transfer certificate and refund cheques can be collected on the Wednesday of the next week.
3. If the school cannot meet the deadline in 2 above, it will call the parents on the Monday before the said Wednesday.
2 How do I get documents verified?
1. Verified documents can be collected two nights after they are submitted for verification/counter-signature.
3How do I get confiscated material back?
1. Confiscated mobile phones can be collected by the parents two weeks after they are confiscated. The school will not return SIMs before-hand.
4My child is sick and cannot come to school. Should I turn in an application?
Yes. Otherwise, if your child is absent for two weeks, his name will be struck off the student roll. A re-admission fee of Rs 1,000/- will be charged.
5 I wish to take my child to my cousin's wedding outside Karachi. Could the school grant leave for two weeks?
The school will not grant leave and the student's name will be struck off the school roll whether an application is turned in or not.
6 My child's seat was changed. Could we get the old seat back?
Students are seated in the front or back on a rolling basis. Students are moved back one row every two weeks, with those sitting right at the back coming to the front row.