1. Use of outside influence
    1. All of the school’s decisions are made on campus without any interference of outside forces. In the past, outside influence has always resulted in a delay and then, always, an adverse decision.
    2. Use of outside influence is prohibited and has strong consequences for students on behalf of whom such influence is used.
    3. The school works through a detailed discipline plan. Consequences of transgression are progressive (tougher consequences for larger transgressions) and cumulative (tougher consequences for habitual transgressors). Tough decisions are always made through committees. No single individual can change these decisions.
  2. Change in student record
    • The school strongly discourages change in school record. The school is also required not to make changes in records of students. Accordingly, for any changes in student record to take effect, students will have to be taken off the school database and readmitted. This would require payment of admission fee.
  3.  Fee Paymet
    • Fee collection works through a system. Late payment results in increasing penalties that are detailed on the Fee page.
  4. Poor performance
    • The school does not believe in detaining students for poor performance. Where performance is poor enough, it is best to remove the student to another school.
  5. Mobile phones are prohibited, confiscated and returned after two weeks. Without exception.