Meeting School Staff

Parents can meet teachers by appointment at the following times:

·         Preschool (Playgroup to Kindergarten): 12.40  to 13.20 

·         Elementary School (Grade 1 & 2): Mondays 13.20 to 14.00

·         Middle and Senior School: Mondays 13.20 to 14.00

Do's and don'ts:

·         Teachers are busy in their classrooms. They are unable to meet parents without appointments. 

·         Parents's may borrow exercise books of the class-fellows of their wards for copying their work. They must approach the school before 11 on a school day to borrow the exercise books and must return these the same day before home time. 

Parents can meet the management staff by prior appointment on Mondays between 8.10 am and 12.40 pm; or, by prior appointment, on any day after 2.30 pm.